Research Data Management

The mission of the RDM group is to explore innovative approaches to facilitate and improve research data management, storage, analysis, visualization, preservation, and sharing.

Faculty Fellows

Gang Shao

Gang Shao
Data Science Specialist
Research interests: Data Science; Data Science Education; Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligent; Image/video processing; Text analysis; Digital environmental analysis (Precision Ag and Digital Forest)

Reid Boehm

Reid Boehm
Research Data Systems Manager
Research Interest: intersections between researchers and systems, transdisciplinary networks, sustainability of research data repositories, data stewardship gaps and federal funding policies.

Affiliated Faculty and Staff Information

Name & TitleProject List
Bert Chapman,
Professor of Library Science & Government Information & Political Science Librarian
Government Publications on US foreign policy and national security; Aspects of US, Canadian, & European political, diplomatic, & military history
Wei Zakharov,
Associate Professor & Engineering Information Specialist
Data and information literacy education, and online learning
Craig Zywicki,
Associate Director Office of Undergraduate Research
Assessment & evaluation of aspects of higher education, student success and learning

  • Shao, G. Exploring data management courses in higher education data science programs in U.S. Seed Grant, March – August 2023.
  • Zakharov, W. Algorithm bias: Detection and perspectives of undergraduate students. Travel Support, Presentation at SLA Conference, May 16-19, 2023.



  • ILS 103 Introduction to Data Management and undergraduate research academic courses and currently developing an undergraduate course – students apply research data life cycle ethical management to their current undergraduate research experience.
  • Data Management for Undergraduate Researchers LibGuide
  • Collaborative: RAPID: Leveraging New Data Sources to Analyze the Risk of COVID-19 in Crowded Locations. National Science Foundation.
  • CCRI: Research Infrastructure for Real-Time Computer Vision and Decision Making via Mobile Robots. National Science Foundation. Project website
  • Designing for Data-focused Undergraduate Course Innovation: Integrating Data Science into Undergraduate Courses. Innovation Hub at Purdue.
  • IMPACT data science education: Preparing undergraduates to lead into the future. Data Science Ecosystem at Purdue.
  • Foundations of the data mind: an interlocking modules approach. Data Science Ecosystem at Purdue.


  • Present: Research on the experiences of students/mentors engaged in undergraduate research experiences.
  • Present: Program evaluation for initiatives in the Office of Undergraduate Research.
  • Past: Assessment/Evaluation/Research that broadly and variously covered numerous aspects of higher education, but emphasis on student success and learning


  • Repository Research with Jerry Kuang and Graduate Assistants: Koushiki Pohit and Raahul Jakka Policy, service, and software in higher education institutional research repositories
  • NIH Data Management and Sharing policy campus working group.
  • Set up our campus portal for Open Science Framework for Institutions


  • Project: Exploring data management courses in higher education data science programs in the U.S., a REAL seed grant funded research project May – July 2023


  • Training and professional development sessions within subject areas and on various aspects of historical research.
  • Libraries resources and services, Literature search and review methods, Citation Management, Research data management, Data quality checking, Data ethics
  • Research (and assessment/evaluation) study design (purpose, questions, ETMM, etc).
  • Quantitative data planning: survey design, Qualtrics, etc.
  • Qualitative data collection planning: interviews, focus group, etc.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: SPSS, NVivo, Tableau, MS, etc.
  • Mentoring
  • Time management and corresponding academic/personal/professional success.
  • Session: Pathways to Open – Open Access, Open Data workshop with Nina Collins
  • Sessions: Introduction to PURR and Using PURR with Research
  • RCR training for College of Pharmacy: Data Management and Data Integrity
  • Campus training sessions for NIH Data management and Sharing Policy
  • “Dealing with Data” 2-part workshop collaboration with Purdue Fort Wayne


Graduate Students

  • Siqing Wei in ENE for his independent study on a systematic review study
  • Shuo Yan in Statistics for data quality management and scholarly work
  • Jenny Quintana and Eunhye Kim in Engineering Education for data management, data science, grant writing, and scholarly work
  • Haiyan Li in Education for scientific news literacy education project
  • Denis Tangiyev in Education for the Purdue Repository for Online Teaching and Learning (PORTAL) Project
  • Zichen Miao in ECE for Vertically Integrated Project
  • Caroline Marete in Aviation for her independent study on a systematic review study
  • Vivian Cheng in Aviation, Dissertation Committee Member
  • Jinfeng Lin in Aviation, Dissertation Committee Member

Undergraduate students

  • Shane Allcroft – graduate student at Brown University
  • Fischer Bordwell – graduate student with an assistantship at Purdue
  • Isha Ghodgaonkar – NSF GRFP graduate research fellowship
  • Xiao Hu- employee at Qualcomm
  • Ziteng Jiao – graduate student at Yale University
  • Gore Kao – graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Xinglei Liu – graduate student at the University of Southern California


Graduate Students

  • Layla Dang and Megan Zhou

Undergraduate students

  • Britney Ramos, Aadya Pawar, Filippa Rodriguez, Haryma Bhatt, and Armaan Kanchan
  • (Past: Hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students in varying positions)

Graduate Students

  • Botong Ou, D-VELoP GTA, MS students from CIT

Undergraduate students

  • Joseph Eisenburg, honor undergraduate researcher from ECE
  • Boehm, R. I., Calkins, H., Condon, P. B., Petters, J., & Woodbrook, R. (2022). Analysis of U.S. Federal Funding Agency Data Sharing Policies. International Journal of Digital Curation, 17(1).
  • Oh S, Jung J, Shao G, Shao G, Gallion J, (2022). Fei S. High-Resolution Canopy Height Model Generation and Validation Using USGS 3DEP LiDAR Data in Indiana, USA. Remote Sensing, 14(4), 935.
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  • Zakharov, W. (2023). Student inclusion as co-creators to develop a data quality checking guide. 2023 Research Data Access & Preservation (RDAP) Conference, virtual presentation.
  • Chapman, B. (2023, March 31). U.S. Government Information Resources for Accountability on U.S. Assistance to Ukraine. NATO in the Face of Emerging Security Challenges on Its Eastern Flank conference, Poland’s War Studies University, Warsaw.
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